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What Materials Are Shade Sails Made Of?


What Are Shade Sails Made Of?


Shade sails are not just used to transform your once fully exposed patio into a cool, relaxing oasis on a hot Summer’s day. These reliable structures are the perfect way to provide adequate over your swimming pool, create a simple carport, or transform the look and functionality of your school or commercial business.


And with these many different uses, comes a variety of different shade sail materials best suited to each. At Quins Canvas Goods, we get it. Sometimes too much choice can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve listed some of the best shade sail materials below, along with their benefits, to help you make an educated decision.


Residential Shade Sail Materials

With shade sails becoming a popular home improvement choice in recent years due to their functionality and affordability while continuing to remain aesthetically pleasing.

Traditionally the materials used for cloths are not waterproof, however, Quins Canvas Goods have a solution!


Our PVC shade sail material is a fantastic option because not only does it provide you with protection from harmful UV rays, they are also waterproof. This ensures that your outdoor areas remain dry even when Adelaide’s unpredictable showers take hold.


We also have a range of mesh and shade cloth materials for you to choose from. When you meet with a member from our professional team, they will work together with you to find the perfect shade sail material to ensure you are getting the most out of your investment!


Commercial Shade Sail Materials

At Quins Canvas Goods, we use commercial grade cloth for all of our commercial and industrial projects because of its unmatched strength and durability. Depending on your requirements, our professional team may also suggest the use of a PVC material, for those of you looking for a more waterproof shade solution.


Our commercial shade cloth is comprised of close weaving which will provide your commercial or industrial outdoor space with protection against even the most extreme sun conditions.


Each of our commercial and residential shade sails is customised to your needs and requirements, each coming in a range of colours to suit every application resulting in a stylish, functional and cost-effective shade solution.


However, commercial grade cloth is not only limited to commercial applications. For commercial and residential projects alike, this products unmatched strength and durability means that it is the only shade cloth suitable for all applications.


An Unbeatable Approach to Customer Service

At Quins Canvas Goods, our customers are our main priority. Working alongside our clients, we will work hard to find the perfect shade sail solution for you.


When one of our professional team members meets with you to discuss your sail solution, they will provide you with in-depth knowledge and understand as to which material is best suited to your needs. We will also be able to work with you to create a sail design and colour scheme that complements your home design.


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If you’re looking for a shade sail solution for your Adelaide property, give the team at Quins Canvas Goods a call today. With decades of experience, our expert team will be able to find the right sail design and material best suited to your home.


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