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How Are Shade Sails Fixed To My Building?


Shade Sails Adelaide 


If you are looking for functional year round sun or rain protection for your Adelaide property’s outdoor area, a custom made shade sail from Quins Canvas Goods is a fantastic option! Not only do all of our shade sail solutions look stylish and add an architectural point of difference to any home, but they also provide you with functional weather protection in a range of shade cloth and waterproof PVC fabrics.


However, many Adelaide homeowners can be a little confused as to how the shade sails are installed or fixed to their home or building. To help answer your questions, we’ve listed some of our installation techniques below:


Adelaide Shade Sail Installation

All of the products we use at Quins Canvas Goods are of the highest quality. Our expert installers will assess your requirements and the area of placement to develop a shade sail installation method that will leave you with a durable solution that is perfect for your property.


Each of the shade cloths has sail wire that is either sewn (shade cloth sails) or welded (PVC sails) into the perimeter of the seam to ensure a properly tensioned sail. We ensure that each of our solutions come with stainless steel D-rings attached at each corner with UV rated webbing to ensure that your sail will be able to withstand even the harshest conditions.


How Are Shade Sails Fixed to my Adelaide Building?

Whether your shade sails are required to be fixed to your property’s building is entirely dependent on your sail needs and proposed location. At the time of your quote, one of our experienced team members will be able to advise you on the best installation method.


As part of our bespoke shade sail service, we can install poles and shade sail fixtures to walls, roofs and pergolas through the use of stainless steel fixtures. Each of these fixtures is a heavy-duty commercial grade product, ensuring an end result that is weather resistant while holding extreme strength and durability.

First-Class Service

At Quins Canvas Goods, we aim to provide our clients with a first class service every time. Working with you we will develop the perfect shade sail solution for your residential or commercial property. We take care of everything from concept design through to the manufacture and installation, so you’ll be relaxing underneath your stunning sail in no time.


Call The Adelaide Shade Sail Professionals Today!

With great flexibility and the ability to cover a number of different areas, a shade sail from Quins Canvas Goods is a fantastic way to give your home a makeover, while creating a protective weather shelter to enjoy all year round. Call or visit the Quins Canvas Goods team today!