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Protect Yourself This Summer With a Shade Sail from Quins Canvas Goods!


In Adelaide, we have some of the best Summer weather in the world, so it’s little wonder why we enjoy being outside so much. However, with this glorious sunshine comes the risk of sun damage if you are not protecting yourself against those UV rays correctly.


An excellent way to ensure the protection of your guests, yourself and your family while spending a great time outdoors is to invest in a shade sail from Quins Canvas Goods. Here at Quins Canvas Goods, we have been providing Adelaide home and business owners with first-class shade sail solutions that offer them premium sun protection, for over 30 years!


To see how a shade sail can protect you and your family, as well as a host of other benefits, keep reading:


Sun Protection


As mentioned previously, the main benefit of a shade sailis the sun protection it offers. Imagine being able to create an area for you to enjoy or the kids to play that removes the worries surrounding damaging UV rays.


We’ve listed some applications below in which you can use your shade sail below, that will give you sun protection as well as make the most out of your Adelaide property.




Your backyard is the ideal place to entertain family and friends all year round. However, sometimes the sun can prove to be a damaging hazard when it comes to spending time outdoors.


Investing in a shade sail from Quins Canvas Goods will prove to provide your home with a fresh, inviting and sun-safe outdoor entertaining space. Choose from many colours, designs and fabrics to ensure that your new outdoor addition is perfect for your home’s aesthetic!


Makeshift Carport


People aren’t the only ones that need protection from the sun; our cars do too!


Your car is likely one of your most significant investments so it makes sense to protect it as much as you can and in the right way. Adding a shade sail to your property is an excellent way to create a carport, without committing to a permanent structure. A shade sail is also a much more affordable carport solution!


Our experienced team will work with you to discuss your car protection needs and design ashade sail solution that offers the perfect protection for your car.




Swimming in your pool during a hot summer’s day - there’s nothing better! With a shade sail across your pool, you are protecting yourself against harsh UV rays throughout the entire day, meaning more time for you and your family to enjoy the crisp and refreshing water on a hot summer’s day!


If you’re looking for a premium shade sail solution in Adelaide, look no further than the team at Quins Canvas Goods today. Our service spans several years of experience in the industry, and our passion for excellence will not disappoint! Call or visit us today!