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Enhance the Appearance of Your Business with a Retractable Arm Awning


Folding arm retractable awnings are a versatile and reliable option for homeowners and businesses wanting to add style and functionality to their outdoor space. And with Spring officially here, there is no better time than to capitalise on the stunning Adelaide weather conditions for your Adelaide business by updating your outdoor landscape with a retractable arm awning from Quins Canvas Goods! Gone are the days when retractable awnings are only for your doors or windows. At Quins Canvas we develop retractable arm awnings that have multiple applications!


Since 40 years ago, we have been providing business owners of Adelaide with premium retractable awning solutions that see businesses make the most of their outdoor space. But how exactly will a retractable arm awning enhance the look of your Adelaide business? Keep reading to find out how:




At Quins Canvas, we pride ourselves on helping our customers create business awning solutions that serve a practical purpose and still look great. Consulting with you, we will create a retractable arm awning design that is the perfect fit for your businesses outdoor area.


Our awnings will provide you with a functional outdoor space that will allow you to make the most of the weather at any given time. With easy functionality options including manual and automated operation systems.


Our retractable arm awnings are also available in an extensive range of sizes and can cover large outdoor spaces allowing you to create the best environment for your business.


Add A Sense of Style to Your Business Exterior


A retractable awning can give your business a fresh, new look adding a sense of professionalism to your business facade. If you have a hospitality business such as a pub, restaurant or cafe a retractable arm awning is a perfect way to create a stunning atmosphere that your patrons will enjoy day in and day out. Never again worry about the damaging sun’s rays during Summer, and allow your customers to enjoy your hospitality and the great outdoors!




At Quins Canvas Goods, our retractable arm awnings are all custom made to suit your business needs. No matter your space, we can fit your retractable arm awningto suit. Our design and style options also present you with ultimate design and aesthetic control, ensuring your business looks the way you have always envisioned.


If you’re looking for retractable arm awnings that will genuinely make your Adelaide business shine, look no further than the team at Quins Canvas Goods. For over 40 years we have been working hard to ensure that our clients always receive a premium product coupled with the first-class service.


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