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I Have A Large Area To Cover, Which Awning is Best?


If you’re a commercial business owner, maybe you own your own your restaurant, you want to ensure that your patrons are comfortable in your environment for them to return to you in the future. A great way to do this is to maximise your business’ outdoor space. There’s nothing quite like enjoying a meal in a comfortable outdoor spot on a sunny Spring day, so why not bring this to your business with an outdoor awning?


However, with so many different types of awnings on the market, it can be hard to know which is going to be the best for your commercial environment. Fortunately for you, at Quins Canvas Goods we have all of your awning needs covered!


Through our years of industry experience, we can proudly say that our folding arm awnings are a premium choice for cafes and restaurants looking to create a stunning outdoor area. The professional and neat look offered as well as the folding arm awning's ability to span across vast distances, is what will help you set your commercial setting apart from the rest!


To find out the benefits of folding arm awnings, keep reading:


Take Control Of Your Outdoor Entertaining Area


Ideal for large patios and external entertaining areas our folding arm awnings are an affordable alternative to constructing an exterior roof while protecting your patrons from harsh UV rays.


With their easy assembly, you can bring them up or down depending on the weather and the preference of your customers, creating an outdoor environment that is both comfortable and practical.




Add an air of sophistication and professionalism to your outdoor space with an extensive range of colours and fabric choices such as mesh, canvas and PVC, so you can rest assured we have something for every business aesthetic.


Easy Operation


If you’re a business owner, you’ll understand how hectic things can be at times. You barely have time to tie up your shoe let alone spend minutes erecting each of your outdoor blinds. It is precisely the reason why we have given our clients the option of opting for a push button control system. However, if you’re looking for more, we have the choice of a full automation system that will sense wind and rain as well as automatic blind retraction at night and when potentially damaging winds strike.


If you’re looking for a premium outdoor folding arm awningsystem, look no further than the team at Quins Canvas Goods! With years of experience, our expertise and the passion for what we do, you are sure to be impressed. Call or visit the team at Quins Canvas today!