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Which Is The Best Awning For My Business?


Premium Awning Solution

When you’re an Adelaide business owner, all of the decisions you make will have some impact on your business, positive or negative, so it’s essential to ensure these decisions are well-thought out. Aspects such as finding and investing in the right people to make up your team and perfecting your product or service are of high importance, as is ensuring you are marketing and branding your business in the right way.


Appearances are also of high importance because as we all know, first impressions count. How your business looks from the outside can be a deciding factor as to whether potential customers will take that extra step.


At Quins Canvas Goods, we have been providing Adelaide businesses with custom window awning solutions for years. A popular commercial business choice for some time, window awnings will provide you with rain shelter, while also giving the exterior of your business an aesthetic boost, creating a polished overall finish.


And so, while choosing to install window awnings for your business may not be the most critical business decision you’ll ever make as a business owner, it will be one that matters. However, to make sure you are making the most out of your investment, you’ll need to decide which awning is the right choice for your business.


At Quins Canvas Goods, we stock various window awnings that will take your business exterior from drab to fab in no time. Keep reading to discover which awning is the right choice for you:


Folding Arm Awnings


Ideal for large patios and entertainment areas, our folding arm awnings are our most popular with our commercial clients, but they are also practical in a residential setting. It is because they hold a professional and neat look, as well as their ability to span reasonably large distances.


With robust width options of up to 12 metres, our folding arm awnings will also provide you with an affordable alternative to an exterior roof. Choose from the push-button automated operation or full automation which includes a wind sensor and a sun sensor. You also have the choice of an extensive range of fabric types including canvas, mesh and PVC.


Retractable Awnings


Retractable Awnings front bar is supported by tracks as opposed to arms, making them an innovative awning solution. This awning type is perfect for large-sized outdoor areas, glass roofing and pergolas.


If you’re looking for a premium awning solution for your business, you can’t pass up the excellent range and service offered at Quins Canvas Goods! We will come, inspect your property and create an awning solution that is perfect for your business needs.


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