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5 Places You Didn’t Know You Can Install a Shade Sail


During the warmer months, carrying on with daily life can become a real burden. Spending time outside can become a real “no-no” unless you want to expose yourself to significant sunburn. And even apparently simple activities, like getting into your car, can become stressful experiences in the heat.


Protecting yourself from sunburn and heat exhaustion can make all the difference in your daily living experience. Thankfully, there are a wide variety of options out there to help you through the season.


Shade sails are a great way to stay safe from the burning Adelaide sun. Plus, once installed, these handy home or business addition will continue protecting you from all kinds of weather, even once the air cools off. Be it wild winds, torrential rains or even hail, getting a shade sail can keep you comfortable and dry through all your outdoor endeavours.


Shade sails are more than a barrier between you and the sky. Their potential uses are wide and varied. In fact, with a little creativity, you’ll find that shade sailscan be a great budget-friendly option to improve and get more use out your Adelaide property.


To get you started here are some places in which you can conveniently implement shade sails:




Carports are a valuable extensions to any home. They protect your vehicle, keep it clean for more extended periods, and make getting in and out of your car during the day far more comfortable. However, as beneficial as adding a carport to your home might be, building one can get pretty expensive. Thankfully, there are great options to get all of the carport perks without blowing through your savings.


By installing a shade sail in your residential property, you can easily create a makeshift carport that will keep your car cool, dry and safe. With Quins Canvas high-quality shade sails, you can be confident that your shade sail will be able to weather all types of weather, keeping your vehicle safe from the elements at all times. Plus, with a wide variety of colours and designs available, you can easily create an excellent looking carport to suit your home.




Having a patio can be a great way to spend more quality time outdoors with your loved ones. However, if your patio gets a lot of sun time during the day, it is easy for the temperature to escalate to the point where spending time outside isn’t an option. Without appropriate protection, you risk letting your fantastic outdoor space go to waste or exposing your family to discomfort and even nasty sunburns.


Get the most out of your patio and truly enjoy its use by installing a shade sail. Quins canvas excellent shade sail options are the perfect way to bring your patio’s design to the next level while adding value to your property.


Pool Area


A pool is one of the best places to install a shade sail. If you want to keep your swimming pool’s water clean and its temperature comfortable, covering up your pool area with a shade sail is a great way to do so. That way, you’ll be able to save significantly on pool maintenance and improve the overall condition of your pool.


You can even use your new shade sail to enhance your outdoor pool area, creating beautiful designs in the colour palette that best compliments your home style. By simply investing in a shade sail you can make your pool area more inviting, get more use out of it and keep it looking its best through the year.


Restaurant Terrace


As a restaurant owner, you want to do everything possible to keep your customers happy and comfortable. One of the most significant ways to drive more customers into your establishment is by providing them with an attractive outdoor area to enjoy their meals. Outdoor spaces are excellent for dinner dates, Sunday brunch and a wide variety of outings.


However, for your customers to enjoy a meal outside, they must be guarded against the elements. No one enjoys burning under the sun or having rain interrupt an otherwise perfect moment. By installing a shade sail, you can keep your customers safe and comfy and uplift your establishments look without spending a fortune.




Children love to play outside. However, children are also the most prone to suffer from sunburns, heat exhaustion and dehydration. Since younger kids are unable to comprehend these risks and take necessary action fully, it is up to adults to keep their playtime safe. One great way to protect our children is by protecting their play area.


With a Quins Canvas’s shade sail, you can keep your children safe from the sun and rain. That way your kids will be able to enjoy playtime, no matter what time of the year it is.