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Where Is the Place Most Suited for a Shade Sail on My Adelaide Property?


A shade sail is a fantastic solution for a range of different property types, where the owner wants to utilise the outdoor space further. However, to make sure that you are getting the most out of this application, it is vital that you consider the specifics of where you install your shade sail.


At Quins Canvas, we specialise in bringing a broad range of properties a new shade solution that they can enjoy all year round. If you are looking to add a shade sail, big or small, you are probably tossing up exactly where to install it. To ensure that you install this new addition in the best place possible, look no further!




The first thing to consider is the sun. After all, shade sails are designed to shade you from the sun. It is essential to think about which part of your outdoor space is exposed to too much sun and needs shade. If the most substantial part of outdoor entertaining spends hours of the day under direct sunlight, a shade sail might help you better utilise the space when it is hot.




One of the most critical contributing factors toward where this addition can go is how much you have to spend. Sometimes, if you have a more considerable budget, you can produce a larger sail, over a larger outdoor area. However, if you have a more restrictive budget, this may be difficult, and you might want a smaller solution for a different area. Depending on how much you have to spend, you can even install multiple sails if you desire!




There are particular areas of your home or business that would be designed for outdoor entertaining or recreation. To ensure that your shade sail is best utilised, it is vital that you consider which area it will fit best in terms of property design. Similarly, if there are restrictions such as other buildings, trees or any other hindrances, a particular area might not be as well suited as you think.


Professional Help


Ultimately, the best way to determine where to install a shade sail(for maximum functionality) is to consult our team of professionals. With decades of combined experience, we will be able to point you in the right direction when it comes to shade sail selection and placement!


At Quins Canvas, we specialise in helping Adelaide properties enjoy the outdoors all year round. If you need some help determining which part of your property this addition suits best, look no further than our team. To organise a consultation and quote, call today!