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How Do I Know If My Property Is Suitable for Retractable Arm Awnings?


When it comes to creating extra shade for your Adelaide property, whether it be indoors or outdoors, retractable arm awnings are an excellent solution! These awnings are used widely to provide shade under pergolas, and indoors to provide shade for sunny windows.


Many homeowners worry that their home may not be suited to retractable arm awnings, but the truth is they can pretty much go anywhere! At Quins Canvas Goods, we have been providing the residents of Adelaide with premium retractable arm awnings for over 30 decades. You can rest assured that we will give you a premium awning solution that will enhance the look and feel of your Adelaide home!


To learn more about your home’s options when it comes to installing a retractable arm awning, keep reading:


Where Can I Install A Retractable Arm Awning?


As mentioned above, your retractable arm awning is useful for both indoors and outdoors. Outdoor glass roofing, pergolas and substructures provide you with protection from the sun and heat, while also helping you create a more pleasant outdoor climate during those sweltering Adelaide heat waves. If your home’s interior has a significant amount of glass roofing, retractable arm awnings are an excellent addition to help you create an even more comfortable indoor climate as well as providing your home with striking visual characteristics.




At Quins Canvas, the most extended retractable awning we offer is in a length of up to 6 metres. Our pleasant, professional team will work hard to ensure that we meet your awning needs, wants and expectations every time. We will work with you by getting an understanding as to what you’re looking to get out of your new retractable arm awning. We will also work with you to design an awning that is genuinely complimentary of your Adelaide home.




Our retractable arm awnings allow you to bring them in and out as you need them, enabling you to create a versatile indoor or outdoor space. Typically our awning operation is controlled by a motor and remote. However, we do provide our clients with the option of manual operation if that is what is preferred.




Our awning materials come in an array of material colours, meaning that you can select one that compliments your Adelaide home best!


If you’re looking to add a retractable arm awningto your Adelaide home, look no further than the team at Quins Canvas Goods. With years of solid industry experience and a passion for excellence that is unbeatable, you won’t be disappointed! Call or visit our showroom today!