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Why Should I Get A Professional To Install My Shade Sails?


Shade Sails Adelaide 


If you’ve thought about investing in a shade sail, you may be a little confused as to how they work. Here at Quins Canvas Goods, we have been servicing the residents of Adelaide with premium shade sail solutions for over 40 years.


Our team is made up of shade sail solution specialists. With our extensive range of colours and material options, we will create a design of what you have envisioned precisely. Keep reading to find out how a Quins Canvas Goods shade sail is the premium choice for your latest home addition:


Extensive Experience

With over 40 years experience, you can bet that we are Adelaide’s leading shade sail suppliers and installers.Our team has worked with an extensive range of properties, so you can rest assured that no matter your property type, we can come up with the perfect shade sail solution for your Adelaide home.


Our professional design team prides themselves on creating dynamic and unique shade sail solutions for every client, residential or commercial. Both our knowledge and expertise allow us to work with you and advise you what trusted shade sail solution fits you best.


Well Thought Out Installation Methods

At Quins Canvas Goods, we understand that every Adelaide property is different and therefore, so are their shade sail needs. Depending on the desired location of your shade sail, installation can be a difficult task and so you need a qualified professional to complete the process.


At Quins Canvas Goods, our installation team will inspect your property and create an installation solution that is secure and durable. Our team will consider three key aspects; possible attachment points, space dimensions and the position of the sun. These aspects will determine where your shade sail fabric will be anchored to, which will ultimately influence the result.


For all of our custom shade sails, we use a stainless steel wire which is either sewn or welded into the shade sails perimeter seam to ensure the proper tension. Specially crafted eyelets are also used on the corners to provide anchor points for turnbuckles and shackles.


Professional Measurement Service

Our professional team will complete an out-and-out inspection and measurement service, which will allow us to create for you the ultimate custom shade sail. Getting the correct measurements is crucial to ensuring your shade sail be fitted correctly, which will also influence its longevity and performance.


In Need of A Professional Shade Sail? Call Quins Canvas Goods!

If you’re looking for an excellent shade sail with a professional installation process to match, then look no further than the team at Quins Canvas Goods. With over 40 years experience, we’ve got you covered!