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What Materials Are Shade Sails Made Of?
What Are Shade Sails Made Of?   Shade sails are not just used to transform your once fully exposed patio into a cool, relaxing oasis on a hot Summer’s day. These reliable structures are the perfect way to provide adequate over your swimming pool, create a simple carport, or transform the look and functionality of your school or commercial business.   And with these many different uses, comes a variety of different shade sail materials best suited to each. At Quins Canvas Goods, we get it. ...

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Are Shade Sails Suitable To Use In A Restaurant?
Shade Sails Adelaide    There’s something about enjoying a delicious restaurant meal in the outdoors. Many restaurant owners know this, and that’s why so many have created their own alfresco dining areas with the use of shade sails. If you’re looking to expand your restaurant’s outdoor dining area, a shade sail is a perfect way to do so.   At Quins Canvas Goods, we have been providing hundreds of South Australian businesses with commercial shade sail solutions for years. We’ve listed the best shade sail options ...

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Which Shade Sail Is Best For Me?
Finding The Best Shade Sail    So you’ve looked at the many benefits associated with a shade sail and have decided you want to install one on your Adelaide property. But how do you know which shade sail variety is the best for your home or business improvement?   At Quins Canvas Goods, we have an extensive range of shade sails suited for every application, and so to make the choice a little easier we’ve listed a few things you should consider before choosing your new ...

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I Have A Large Area To Cover, What Are My Shade Sail Options?
What Are My Shade Sail Options?   When it comes to creating shade on your property, many home and business owners feel that permanent structures are their only option. However, this is simply not the case. Shade sails prove to be an atheistically pleasing and cost-effective alternative for Adelaide property owners. The product's versatility means that it is suitable for use in residential, commercial and industrial areas, providing any outdoor space with protection from the elements.   If you find yourself requiring cover for a large ...

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How Are Shade Sails Fixed To My Building?
Shade Sails Adelaide    If you are looking for functional year round sun or rain protection for your Adelaide property’s outdoor area, a custom made shade sail from Quins Canvas Goods is a fantastic option! Not only do all of our shade sail solutions look stylish and add an architectural point of difference to any home, but they also provide you with functional weather protection in a range of shade cloth and waterproof PVC fabrics.   However, many Adelaide homeowners can be a little confused as ...

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What Shade Sails Are Available At Quins Canvas?
Residential Shade Sails Shade Sails for All Applications Custom shade sails are the perfect choice to provide shade for outdoor areas. At Quins, our 30 years of experience in shade sails ensures we offer the complete solution from design to manufacture and installation. All our products are designed using computer assisted design programs and manufactured locally in our Port Adelaide factory, creating an affordable customised product for all applications. We are happy to provide advice in designing a shade sail to suit most applications and budgets; we are ...

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Can I Use A Shade Sail As A Carport?
Shade Sails Adelaide    Often our vehicles are one of our most prized possessions, so it’s no wonder that so many Australian’s are continuously looking for the perfect storage solution. After all, leaving your car, boat or caravan exposed to unpredictable weather conditions can prove to be damaging to their appearance. If your home is lacking adequate vehicle storage, a Quins Canvas Goods shade sail can prove to be the perfect solution!   To help make the decision a little easier, we’ve listed some of ...

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