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Folding Arm and Retractable Awnings in Adelaide


Folding Arm Awnings - we have the solutions 

Folding arm awnings are very popular with Cafes and Restaurants due to their professional and neat look and their ability to span large distances. They also work very effectively in a residential setting.


These awnings are ideal for large patios and external entertainment areas. They are an affordable alternative to constructing an exterior roof while providing similar protection from harsh sunlight and UV rays.


Sizes and Operation

Folding arm awnings are simple, robust and can be made in widths of up to 12 metres and are able to extend up to 6 metres enabling huge areas to be covered without support poles.

Folding arm awnings can also be automated for push button operation or for full automation, a wind and sun sensor can be installed so the blind will retract at night for security purposes and also in potentially damaging high winds.

Fabric Choice

A wide variety of fabric types can be used for folding arm awnings such as Canvas, Mesh and PVC

Pleated Awnings

Large Spans and Retractability

Perfect for courtyards and large pool areas. Ideal for long and narrow areas where retractability is desired. Pleated awnings also have the advantage of being able to withstand much higher wind loads than folding arm awnings or umbrella type shades.

Suitable for all weathers
Despite their shape pleated awnings don`t hold water so can be left extended in any weather.

Fabrics and Colours
Pleated awnings can be made from PVC coated polyester, shade mesh or shade cloth with PVC coated polyester having an edge because it is easier to clean than the other two fabrics. The hardware for the sail such as cables, pulleys and fittings is made from marine grade stainless steel.





Pleated Awnings

Indoors and Outdoors

Retractable Awnings are an innovative system similar to folding arm awnings with the key difference that the front bar is supported by tracks rather than arms. They are well suited to use under pergolas and indoors to provide shade for large glazed areas.


Retractable awnings are suitable indoors as well as outdoors for glass roofing, Pergolas and substructures. Exterior awnings protect against the sun and heat and generate a pleasant indoor climate - with excellent visual characteristics.


Large Sizes

Widths and lengths of up to 6m can be covered with a conservatory awning


Conservatory awnings are typically motorised with a remote control but can be automated and manual is also an option.